Glucose regulation begins here



Glucevia™ is the only available extract from the seeds / fruits of Fraxinus excelsior to safely balance blood sugar levels. This new and completely natural ingredient is designed for use in dietary supplements.


Sugar consumption has increased dramatically over the last two centuries. In 1822, Americans consumed the amountof sugar found in a 12-ounce soda every 5 days, but today consume this same amount every 7 hours. While sugarsand their derivatives are essential to human nutrition and help to maintain physiological functions, it has been widelydemonstrated that excess sugar in our diet is unhealthy and that elevated blood sugar levels can lead to health issues.Managing blood glucose levels is therefore recommended by health authorities worldwide.


Glucevia™ is manufactured through a gentle and traditional extraction process and standardized to 10% Nuzhenide and GI3. This composition is patented and guarantees the efficacy of the product to maintain healthy blood glucose levels. The powerful activity of Glucevia has been demonstrated in vitro, in vivo, and in clinical studies.